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About s.r.

First and foremost, being a firm believer that life is far too important to be taken seriously, I love to laugh. I'm a writer with an obsession for story. Night writing in my favorite kind, but any writing is my thing. Story slips with me into my dreams and scenes wake me. Whether I'm at my favorite standing desk or traveling, I obey the muse and write.  I love stories of redemption. I adore taking an unlikeable person and falling in love with them. My Fiction novels are about an ancient immortal warrior, a shieldmaiden assassin with voices in her head, women trying to balance two worlds, and a bitch witch trying to overcome the evil in her veins.

My latest book NOBODY TOLD ME love in the time of dementia is my first Non-Fiction book. It's both a tribute to my long relationship with my mother-in-law and a lament on the kind of grief that dementia brings to our lives. Somehow it isn't a heartbreaking tale as much as a life and love affirming memoir.

NOBODY TOLD ME was both the easiest and hardest book I've ever written. Easy because all I had to do was tell the truth. Hard because all I had to do was tell the truth.

In my pre-publication life I spent far more time in the high-tech world than this storyteller planned. I co-founded an engineering company with my husband before at last returning to the first love of my life, writing, and this is exactly where I've always wanted to be.